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The Admin Made Easy product is available in 3 forms:-

  • Single user
  • Multi user upto a max 20 concurrent users
  • Multi user 21 concurrent users and above

Monthly cost depends upon the number of concurrent users, includes maintenance and upgrades to the AME software.


The core package includes functionality for

  • Job logging / tracking
  • Work allocation / confirmation
  • Invoice creation
  • Work in Progress
  • Transportation checks / costs
  • Timesheet recording
  • Payroll feed
  • % profit per job
  • Automated Extra Hire generation
  • Mobile app for accessing the main database
  • Upload pictures from your mobile device direct to the main database



  • Clear view of all work held in one central place, split between customers and job status
  • No need to duplicate information
  • History of all changes made and by who / when
  • Selected data extracts to Microsoft Excel
  • Easy to use, standard look & feel
  • Available on most platforms
  • Single and multi user capabilities (unlimited max number of concurrent users)
  • Parameterised for individual companies
  • KPI visibility
  • Aid for planning work / labour / transport
  • Easy searching for information
  • Automatically generate Extra Hire invoices
  • Automatically calculates % profit per job
  • Reports highlight non profitable jobs
  • Ability to feed payroll
  • Invoice creation and tracking


We are located in Shropshire and serve England, Scotland and Wales

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