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Pay as you Go - Software

AME Systems Ltd have extensive knowledge in helping companies overcome the administration burden. Primarily aimed at the construction industry, we at AME have developed a software package to help your company grow without the need to increase administration staff.


This software helps get the more mundane tasks out of the way

  • Freeing up your time
  • Allowing you to do what you and your team do best

Running your company


Knowing that all your work (jobs) have been invoiced correctly and are stored centrally, any extra hire has been generated and your workforce is being paid according to performance. The ability to search and view any job (including via a mobile app), tracking performance and profit, helps you run your business.


Whatever the size of your admin function, this software will help you and your team be more productive.


No large initial outlay on the software, Admin Made Easy product is Pay as you Go software.


Try before you buy and see what other companies are already benefiting from.

We are located in Shropshire and serve England, Scotland and Wales

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